Our community faces real-life challenges and needs a common-sense leader who is committed to solving the unique challenges that face our area. A Republican victory in November 2020 will take more than recycled soundbites and pandering—it requires a hard-earned reputation for results and an unquestioned commitment to making our community a better place to live and raise a family.

"I was raised in Hays County and have been a member of this community for over 35 years. I started my business here. My children go to school here. I’m not in this race for a line on my resume. I’m running for State Representative because our district needs strong principled leadership with the ability to stand up for what’s right and make sure the job gets done. That’s what I’ve done in our community and leading our local party, and that’s what I’ll do as State Representative."

– Bud Wymore

Bud's Action Items

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Lower Property Taxes

Our current Democratic representative has been a consistent opponent of meaningful tax reform. In Hays and Blanco counties, middle-class families understand the pinch of rising property tax bills. Shouldn't we have a representative who fights to ease our tax burden and not make it worse? When it comes to property taxes, we need to stop putting band aids on systemic problems and tighten protections for homeowners against the tax impact of rapidly rising property values. Solving this problem is a two-pronged approach: (1) rates; and (2) valuation. Last session the legislature passed Senate Bill 2 and made great strides in addressing rate increases, but this is not enough. We must address the other half of the problem: valuation. By passing meaningful legislation that puts in place a clear and definite standard for property valuation used by appraisal districts, we can level the playing field for Texans.

Improving Student-Focused Education

Parents want the peace of mind to know their children are safe at school. Teachers and their families want the same. We must invest serious resources in securing our schools, equip and train law enforcement to do as much, and identify and intervene to address those who pose a threat to the public safety. We must also work together to promote a culture of life and combat the cultural seeds that contribute to senseless violence. As our representative, I will be both a moral leader and practical policy leader who works hard to make our kids and families safe from crime, especially at school.

Secure the Border and Enforce Immigration Laws

For far too long, "border security" has been nothing more than just another bullet point on every conservative politician's list of empty promises. As a conservative, I proudly stand for the idea that America is truly exceptional, and protecting our borders is essential to protecting our great nation. In Texas, a secure border is critical to ensuring safe schools and combatting dangerous criminal elements that prey on our communities. Upholding the rule of law is not too much to ask, nor a policy we should be ashamed to support. Our current Democratic representative opposes even the most common-sense measures to enforce laws designed to keep our schools, communities, homes, and families safe. Playing politics with border security ”is unacceptable. I will fight to devote the resources and technology necessary to keep our border enforced in a responsible way.

Protect the Second Amendment

I understand, as did our founding fathers, the importance of “the right of the people to keep and bear arms.” Since the birth of our nation, we have managed to address challenges while also safeguarding our constitutional rights and liberties. Our current time is no different. We are right to be concerned about episodes of senseless violence, and we are right to identify ways to address the challenges of our day. The solution to these challenges, however, cannot abridge our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Our district is full of responsible hunters, sportsmen and enthusiasts who need a representative who focuses on real solutions to the problems of violence and mental health, without pointing the finger at the vast majority of our law-abiding citizens.

Grow our Local Economy

Our quality of life is directly related to the job opportunities and businesses that surround us. We should encourage a local economy that will create new businesses and help our existing businesses to thrive. Unlike our current Democratic representative who ran for office directly out of college, I am actively involved in the local business community, and have been a business owner for almost a decade. I will work to reduce senseless regulations that stifle small businesses and jobs growth and make it easier to work and prosper in Texas.

Defend our Pro-Life Values

There is no more important right than the right to life. For that reason, “life” is the first of our “unalienable rights.” History will judge this generation by how it addresses the greatest present threat to the morality of our nation: protecting the unborn. In a time where state legislatures and governors across our great nation unashamedly introduce legislation championing late-term abortion and “women’s health,” to the detriment of the unborn, our youngest Texans deserve and need a strong voice in the legislature who will actively work to protect life and advocate for the brave mothers who choose life. We need more than politicians who cast votes and pay lip service to pro-life policies. As an attorney, I have the legal background to do the heavy lifting of developing creative, new policies that will promote a culture of life and protect the health and safety of mothers and babies.

Improve Infrastructure and Quality of Life

We live in one of the fastest-growing areas in the nation, which is straining our region's infrastructure, from roads to water. We face a critical challenge to preserve and protect our area's natural beauty, while also growing our roads, water, and public safety infrastructure to protect our quality of life for years to come. I don't believe we should be stuck in long lines of traffic, nor do I believe we should have to wait too long for emergency responders or law enforcement to arrive in a time of crisis. At the same time, we shouldn't have to sacrifice the quality of our drinking water, rivers and streams, and pristine places just because we are growing. We must strike a responsible balance between preparing for growth and preserving what we love about this place we call home. As your representative, I will work to strike that balance in policy to preserve our quality of life for generations to come.